October 9, 2018

Students at Main Street School held a coin drive to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in honor of Miss Ellee Large, a 7 year old girl from Abingdon, Virginia who is battling cancer, and is the cousin of one of our Main Street students.  Main Street School sponsors a schoolwide community service project each month. The coin drive was the project for September to support Childhood Cancer Awareness.  

The students were asked to bring in change to help other children fight cancer.  The students at Main Street School went above and beyond, emptying out their piggy banks and digging in their couch cushions to raise an amazing $969.55 in only two weeks!  The coin drive was not presented as a competition, and there were no rewards offered for the students.  Main Street School strives to teach the students to shine the light and love of Jesus in our community. The faculty, staff and parents of MSS students are extremely proud of the generosity of the children.  

Main Street School is a private Christian school located in Tazewell, Virginia.  With an emphasis on spreading the love and joy of Jesus in the community, the mission of MSS is to provide academic excellence and spiritual vitality to all 136 students.